Ordering and Receiving the Order

Choose the dish and order it over the phone, or via the messaging services. The order usually takes around 45 minutes to prepare and deliver. There is a limited number of orders we can process every hour, so you may be asked to wait a little longer. 

Upon delivery, we will bring the food, served on appropriate tableware, into your room of choice (kitchen, most often), serve it, and take the trays and covers with us. 

When you have finished, leave the dishes outside your door as instructed.

Information about allergies and personal preferences

Every item on the menu has a brief list of ingredients. Although we try to keep things authentic, clean and simple, the products we buy in from local suppliers may  have ingredients that will not be listed here. If you have concerns - please do let us know. 

Likewise, you can mention your preferences here, like "no carrots sticks please", or "can we have creme crackers instead of bread rolls".

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